Quality Control

At Takumiya, we pride ourselves in offering the world's finest quality products.
We provide food safety and security for all.

Quality Control

OUR POLICY Quality Control Policy

Our goal is to be the world's happiest company,
and to be known for our world-class product quality!

The intent behind our goal of being the world's happiest company is shown in the figure to the right. We believe it illustrates the inseparable connection between Customer Satisfaction (CS), Employee Satisfaction (ES), and product quality.
Our goal as a company is to be the sort of place where employees are lively and happy as they work, thus enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction in turn.

Quality Control Policy

OUR SYSTEM Food Safety Management System

We operate a food safety management system
based on FSSC 22000 standards.

We conduct a hazard analysis for all raw materials and processes, and facilitate CCP (critical control points) on all lines through the implementation of heat sterilization and foreign matter removal processes.
Additionally, all processes are monitored and logged. We have adopted a system that can smoothly track down causes of unexpected issues, and create accurate records as necessary.

FSSC 22000 Certified FSSC 22000 Certified

For Food Safety

We are fully equipped to facilitate sanitation management of our workers and facilities, as well as to deliver safe and secure products to our customers.

Hats, gloves, and masks worn Hats, gloves, and masks worn
  • Leak Tester 01

    Leak Tester

    We inspect piping, parts, and equipment for leaks and test for airtight seals.

  • Oxygen Scavenger Metal Detectors 02

    Oxygen Scavenger
    Metal Detectors

    We use metal detectors to test for oxygen scavengers (iron-based).

  • Metal Detectors 03

    Metal Detectors

    High precision detection and prevention of metal contaminants.

  • X線検査機 04

    X-ray Inspection System

    Detects metal, bone, shell, rock, glass, rubber, and plastic contaminants.