a communication-oriented company.

Company Profile

ABOUT US Creates Communication We are a communication-oriented company.

Vision Management Philosophy

  • Using technology and marketing, we strive to continuously create new markets.
  • We produce safe, reliable and delicious confections that brings happiness to the giver and receiver alike.
  • We always put quality before quantity, and establishing ourselves as a company with integrity before rapid expansion.

ABOUT US Corporate Profile

Katsuyuki Gohde
¥6 million
Banks of Account
The Hokkoku Bank, Awazuekimae Branch/THE HOKURIKU BANK, Komatsu Branch
Business Industry
Artisanal souvenir confectionery manufacturing and sales
Main Clients
Main Clients
Nishi-32-12 Yatanomachi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture 923-0342 Japan
Foods Manufactured
Japanese confections, Western confections, bread
Company Overview
Headquarters Factory
Nishi-32-12 Yatanomachi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture
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ABOUT US History

Oct. 2001
Takumiya founded at Ru-77 Yatanomachi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Jan. 2002
Takumiya LLC. Established. Capital: ¥3 million
Jan. 2004
New factory built and offices relocated to Nu-83 Yatanomachi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Capital increased to ¥6 million.
Feb. 2009
Headquarters factory relocated to Chi-44 Yatanomachi, Komatsu City for HACCP-compliant facilities and business operation optimization.
Feb. 2011
"Takumiya LLC" undergoes organizational change to "Takumiya Corp."
Jun. 2013
All production lines FSSC 22000-certified.
Mar. 2014
New headquarters factory built and relocated to Nishi-32-12 Yatanomachi, Komatsu City for food safety measures and business operation optimization.

Company Events

Past Company Retreats

Once a year,
Guam · Korea · Singapore · Tokyo · Hokkaido · Kyoto ...etc.

Other Events

  • Year-End Party
  • Busy Season Closing Party
  • Bowling Tournament

...and so on

Food Safety Policy

Our management system enforces and is based on the FSSC 22000 regulations, and we are engaged in a continuous process of improving our products and business operations.
In order to continue providing our customers with products that fulfill their demands, we comply with food safety laws and regulations and foster relationships with clients who understand this promise
We care about preserving the environment and dedicate ourselves to developing products with minimal environmental burdens. We are also actively engaged in resource and energy conservation, and in waste reduction.
We educate every employee of the importance of sanitation management and engage in continuous efforts to increase food safety knowledge.
We make our food safety policy known to all employees and partner companies, set food safety goals, and conduct continuing reviews and improvements on our goals.
We strive to become the happiest company in the world, producing the finest product quality in the world.